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The Event

January 20, 2024
10:00am - 5:00pm
Annenberg Beach House
Santa Monica, CA


Step into the Mindful Drinking Movement's evolution!

Come join us at our 1st National & inclusive event, Los Angeles & witness the surge in seekers of alcohol free alternatives and those embracing a 'Mindfulness Era.'

With epic speakers, dynamic and relatable panelists, wellness classes, activations and Non Alc. open bars, plus amazing brand sampling.

For all those redefining their relationship with alcohol in #dryjanuary, now or later, living alcohol free, exploring mindful living, and the desire to discover everyday resources for a conscious and a healthier lifestyle.

We celebrate the vibrant evolution of choices in the world of non-drinking whether it's for a night or a lifetime.

Cheers to Clarity!
We can’t wait to see you!

Look forward to...

✓ Non Alcoholic Bars
✓ Mixology Demo's
✓ Leading NA Brands & Wellness Brands sampling
✓ Renowned Speakers
✓ Book Signings
✓ Engaging Panels
✓ Wellness Classes and Activations


We're excited for you to feel inspired by these industry disrupters. 


Gentle Yoga 2.50pm - 3.30pm 
Dynamic Yoga 3.35pm - 4.15pm

In these VIP only classes, you will join innovative yoga teacher and founder of MANDUKA® & LEVITYoGA™, Peter Sterios ERYT-500, for a transformative yoga session. Peter will share a unique set of practice principles that will evoke an intimate, creative, and healing experience. Come with the intention of discovering that we all possess the necessary tools and are responsible for our own healing. 

Mindful Movement
& Breathwork
1.25pm - 2.10pm 

Join holistic practitioner Auna Simon for a mini session of movement for the mind, body and soul. Uplift your mood instantly. Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Get present in your body. We will practice breathwork, stretching and some embodied movement exercises. Walk away feeling lighter and more calm. 

Introduction to Meditation
11.30am - 12.10pm

Join holistic practitioner Whitney Schwartz for a class of learning to meditate for everyday living. Whether you seek stress relief, mental clarity, or a pathway to inner calm, this class is an invitation to embark on a journey of mindfulness and self-awareness. Join us in this sanctuary for the mind, and let the art of meditation unfold before you. 

Ass and Abs
2.15pm - 2.45pm

Join fit enthusiast Natalie Yco for "Ass and Abs". This is an invigorating and results-driven group fitness class designed to specifically work on strengthening the glutes and core muscles. This dynamic workout targets these key areas to help you achieve a toned and sculpted lower body while improving your core strength and stability.

Mind-Gut Connection Workshop
12.50pm - 1.20pm 

Join Sarah Goudie, M.Ed, FDN-P for
"Nourished: The Mind-Gut Connection, an empowering workshop designed to explore the intricate relationship between the mind and gut all while promoting a positive approach to sustainable lifestyle changes. Exploring the fascinating science behind the mind-gut connection and an understanding how mental well-being influences digestive health, and vice versa. A judgment-free space, empowering attendees to embrace sustainable shifts in their habits and mindset. Rooted in evidence-based methods and centered around self-compassion and holistic well-being, will equip you with valuable knowledge and practical tools to nurture minds and bodies, fostering a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

How to Design the #bestdayever and Divinely THRIVE
3.00pm - 3.45pm 

Join Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder life coach Janice Bussing for a a breakdown on the Art & Science to Success and living a joy-filled life. Janice works with a proven, reliable, repeatable success program and life changing Divinely THRIVE Life Tools that will help you achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time.

Class Teachers

Meet the health & wellness leaders who challenge the status quo.

Janice Bussing

Award Winning Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Class: How to Design the #bestdayever and Divinely THRIVE 

As a Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder life coach, Janice is certified by the Brave Thinking Institute. She was honored to be nominated for Transformational Coach of the year 2022, among the top twelve nominees for the Outstanding Impact Award 2021 and recipient of the 50 Impact Award. Janice is delighted to have made an impact large enough to be recognized among approximately 3,500 coaches worldwide. While it is nice to be recognized for her work, the real joy for Janice is having the opportunity to help people live the life they were born to live, sharing their gifts and talents on the highest level and design a life that's in harmony with their Soul's purpose and Divinely thrive. 

Natalie Yco

Fit Enthusiast & Yco Active Founder 

Class: Ass and Abs

Natalie Yco trained and instructed some of Hollywood's elite celebrities. She is an award winning group fitness instructor for Equinox.

She is a fit enthusiast and national certified trainer who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. Natalie's desire to be strong, healthy and help others achieve success their fitness goals was the impetus that lead her to pursue a life of fitness. As an advocate her philosophy is to lead by example. "I practice what I preach". With a love of martial arts combined with a passion for elite conditioning and circuit training early helped Natalie streamline her career goals and she developed a cardio kickboxing program. Natalie's teaching style is high-energy, high-intensity, no-nonsense and always compassionate. Her ability to keep her peers inspired during packed classes has given Natalie great opportunities to work with several elite brands and celebrities in the fitness industry.

Sarah Goudie, M.Ed, FDN-P

Lifestyle Consultant and Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, Dir of Nutrition. 

Class: Mind-Gut Connection Workshop

An unabashed enthusiast in taking deep dives into the intricate connection between the mind and body. 

Sarah genuinely loves teaching and guiding others, employing a shame-free approach. Understanding that the prevailing nutrition discourse often triggers significant feelings of shame among women, she is resolute in her commitment to nurturing progress and growth within a supportive environment. These passions evoked thoughtfulness in the vision for vitality at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort and curated in six culinary outlets, designed to nourish and satisfy the taste buds and refreshment while embracing the natural and holistic approach of Murrieta Hot Springs Resort.

With an unwavering dedication to vitality where lifestyle medicine and nutrition intersect, Sarah’s passion propels her to explore the impact of biopsychology, epigenetics, and systemic belief systems on individual well-being. This fervor is the driving force behind pursuing a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, fueled by a desire to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, particularly in creating profound and personal changes for holistic well-being. 

Whitney Schwartz

Teacher of Meditation & Ancient Wisdom

Class: Introduction to Meditation

Whitney Schwartz, the creative behind Whitney Howard Designs, is not just a designer, but a dedicated teacher of meditation and ancient wisdom. Through her unique approach, she seamlessly integrates her jewelry and accessories into her transformative meditation classes and workshops. Whitney's sessions are more than just experiences; they are holistic journeys, blending meditation, sacred music, and tangible gifts that serve as powerful tools for life's challenges. Follow her journey and explore her creations on Instagram @whitneystoolsandjewels, @whitneyhowarddesigns, where she continues to inspire and empower others on their paths to inner harmony.

Auna Simon

Holistic Practitioner

Class: Mindful Movement & Breathwork

For over 25 years, I have been in the fitness and wellness industry. Helping people feel their optimal best from the inside out is my passion. I am here to help guide you on your wellness journey. I like to look at the whole person. How can we help you feel your best? Healing is Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Holistically, I will do my best to heal your body through different techniques and services I provide. I am compassionate, kind, and empathetic and at the same time, motivated to keep you on track so that you can feel and look your best in a body you love. I have helped people in all areas of wellness including reducing anxiety, stress, tension, inflammation, pain and helping increase joy, good energy, calm, love, confidence and transformation.

Peter Sterios ERYT-500

Founder & Award-winning Author

Classes (VIP's only)
Beginners Yoga
Advanced Yoga

Teacher, author, father, architect, founder of MANDUKA® & LEVITYoGA™.

Peter taught yoga during the Obama White House for Michelle’s anti-obesity programs, and was invited to the Pentagon in 2018 to share yoga’s therapeutic effects with the US Marine Corps. His DVD first “Gravity & Grace” is in Yoga Journal’s “Top 15 Yoga Videos of All Time”, and his book “Gravity & Grace” is Nautilus Book Award’s 2019 Gold Medal Winner. Peter lives in California and New Zealand, leading Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats globally and online. Learn more at www.LEVITYoGA.com

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